Wakfu Super Search

complementary equipment search

The Project Wakfu::SuperSearch

Wakfu::SuperSearch is a personal effort to make complementary search engine for equipments. I was unhappy and frustrated with official website because it's hard to know the "best" items in one or more criterias. The official website offers a list and you need to manually write down items and select the best match by yourself.

At first, I started by collecting data from the official website and generated JSON files to make my own searches using programming languages, it's a very rudimentar interface but enough to me. The idea of transform this solution into something that people can use brought the project to the light. I'll intend to continue improving design, usability, user experience and functionalities.

This project is in no way intended to replace the official search nor other gamers' projects correlated. Instead, there is an intention to create a new good tool to complement the existing ecosystem.